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  • Stop taking Fish Oils and Omega 3 Supplements!

    In some ways, traditional vitamin supplementation is like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic. It's doing the wrong thing. Instead, we should be trying to save our life. The greatest destroyer of human health is having a heart attack or stroke or cancer. It turns out that fish oils and omega supplements are NOT helping as we thought… watch the videos at

    Educate yourself about this topic and start taking Parent Essential Oils (PEO) and reverse the arterial stiffness, help your blood pressure, recover from workouts faster and protect yourself from cancer risks.

  • Earthing Discovery

    Touching the earth is magical. Enlighted wellness counselors have known this for years. And now science knows why. The earth contains an ever-renewing supply of free electrons. These free electrons renew your body by extinguishing free radicals and helping to overcome inflammation everywhere in your body. Additionally, as you touch the earth, your body is harmonized with the rhythms of mother earth and you sleep so much better. To learn more, go to

  • Get the Toxins Out

    The #1 cause of disease is toxins inside the body. Now, there is a safe, inexpensive way to get the toxins out of your body. This method has been "coming" for years and has now come of age. It's the best way yet to get heavy metals, pesticides and harmful solvents out of your body. And, it goes perfect with a daily dose of Seven Essentials. Learn more here:

  • Go to Hank's Blog

    For comments about his 30 year journey as a health coach, visit



The considerate sharing of health knowledge is always the right thing to do.

Here on our other web sites page, we try to connect you with other resources that are of real value in your individual and our collective quest for health. The human experience works best when we share our experiences openly, considerately and candidly.

Among all of us we have a network of people with myriad of connections and aspirations for a better future. Collectively, we can learn what none of us can by him or herself.

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Thank you! And, remember that health includes the :

  1. Physical
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  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual

All four of these are profound influenced by Emotional Freedom Technique. To learn more go to

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