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We are a group of wellness coaches who teach the principles of health that are not taught in school and that most medical doctors don’t understand because they are too simple. Namely, that the human body needs comprehensive nutrition and freedom from toxicity.

Our goal as wellness coaches is to help each person to allow his/her body to function at its highest capacity by ensuring that there are no interfering toxins and no lack of needed nutrients.

It’s really that simple, even though, it’s not easy to do, since BIG BUSINESS and BIG PHARMA and BIG GOVERNMENT have a vested interest in your poor health.

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Nelson B. (Canada): Shipment received today.... it is a pleasure to do business with you.

Anne J. (France): I have done business with Healthy-Living.Org for over six years. You are a delight to work with. I have never had a problem after more than 20 orders now. Most orders arrive within one week, some in just three or four days.

Rene M. (United States): Thanks for getting the Paragon missing from my order to me so quickly. I'd left a telephone message as well, which Carol returned yesterday. Could you let Carol know that you have taken care of it?

Becky W (United States): Again, thank you for taking the time to give me responses to my questions.  They are very helpful

Diona K (United States): Thank you! I appreciate the informational response received.

David M (Australia): Hello there; I’m David from Australia. I have tried some of your products before and was very impressed by them...

Wen A (Singapore): I am a repeat customer. Your service is excellent. Thank you.

Mark R (Australia): Your products and service are perfect. Thank you.

Danielle M (Canada): I have been ordering this product for 3 years now and have remained free of MS. I will continue to take E7 forever.

Eugenia Dillard (United States): I’m a long time happy customer.

Doug C (United States): You have gone beyond just being a product supplier. Your service is excellent and your health knowledge is always reliable.


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