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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

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Healthy-Living is owned by wellness advocates who believe that people need to take responsibility for their own health. We talk about how to be healthy and encourage everyone to share what they have learned in regard to personally being healthy. We believe sharing information is caring.

Please spend some time with our podcasts and videos and if you have good information to share, please do so via this link.

dr william r kellas

The first blog we wish to introduce you to, is Dr. Kellas Speaks.

This blog contains the wisdom of one of the most sought out natural healers on earth. Dr. Kellas has been an avid student of health, with doctoral studies in Biochemistry and Naturopathy. He is the cofounder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California and has helped thousands of people regain their health. Dr. Kellas’s interest in health began when he was given a no-hope diagnosis by the medical establishment and decided to study natural healing. In addition to avoiding the wheelchair verdict of the medical establishment, Dr. Kellas has shared his knowledge of natural healing with countless people.

“At the end of the day, enjoying health isn’t all that complex... it is a matter of eliminating toxicities and deficiencies.” - Dr. Kellas

Answers to Health Questions by Dr. Kellas

Dr. William Kellas is a respected lecturer on the subject of health. He is a student of health with graduate studies and degrees in biochemistry and naturopathy. He has authored / co-authored three books on health entitled:

  • Surviving the Toxic Crisis
  • Thriving in a Toxic World
  • Toxic Immune Syndrome Cookbook

Additionally, Dr. Kellas is cofounder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California and a well-known radio show host with shows on health and nutrition.

For 14 years he was the host of a radio talk show called"Health Talk - A Second Opinion”

Dr. Kellas says:

"Health is a matter of eliminating toxicities and deficiencies.""

But, I also like, “My health never started to improve until I gave up on vitamin isolates in favor of food.”

Dr. Kellas says:

I would single out sugar in the blood and intestines (where it feeds microorganism growth) as being the most prevalent toxic condition and the one that causes the most health deterioration.

However, I believe that heavy metals are the most immediately, dangerous toxicity that we deal with at the clinic. Along with that, I would emphatically state that dental work is the primary source of heavy metals and that people should not permit dentists to install any dental work containing mercury or nickel.

Dr. Kellas says:

Chemical pollutants, microorganisms, and self-pollution from poor digestion, leaky gut and normal metabolism.

Chemical pollutants include pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals, food additives. They are all very damaging to the cells of the body and especially to cell membranes. These damaging chemicals get stored in our fat, joints and retained water (they are imprisoned in these locations to keep them out of circulation) so that they do less damage to the body.

Exercise, sauna (sweating), chelation therapy, boosting glutathione levels, chlorella consumption are the best means of removing these dangerous pollutants from our body. It is essential to drink large quantities of water and take large amounts of antioxidants when undergoing a regimen to remove chemical pollutants from the body. It is advisable to have a knowledgeable health professional assist in chemical detoxification.

Microorganisms include parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasmas.

The primary sources of parasites, virus, mycoplasmas and bacteria are being in areas where people and animals that have these microorganisms are, and then when in those areas allowing unwashed hands to touch the face. Also, walking barefoot, and eating undercooked food or drinking UN-pasteurized liquids are common ways of becoming infected.

Root canals and cavities are incubators and strongholds for bacteria. Contrary to what dentists will tell you, the fact is that bacteria live in the porous, dead teeth that result from doing root canals, as well as beneath fillings in living teeth. The wastes from these bacteria are harmful to one’s health.

I believe that the traditional dentist is the most dangerous health professional on earth and advise you to choose a progressive dentist who understands these matters.

Rinsing your mouth daily with concentrated Aloe is a good practice for keeping oral bacteria down. The primary source of fungus are eating foods that aren’t absolutely fresh and eating high carbohydrate/sugar foods.

Doing an Eight-Day Cleanse at least once or perhaps twice a year is a great habit to have as it will reduce microorganism populations greatly. The Eight Day Cleanse not only cleans the small and large intestines, but also cleans our capillaries and lymph, reducing allergens as well as microorganisms (this is way beyond what other cleansing programs do.)

Individual components of the Eight Day Cleanse, namely the concentrated Aloe, Cleansing Enzymes, and Parasite Cleanse products can be used to keep bad microorganisms in check without doing the full cleansing program.

Self-pollution from poor digestion, leaky gut and normal metabolism is another large source of toxins within the human body. What we are referring to is damaged digestive systems that contribute to internal body pollution by not completely breaking down foods into nutritional molecules that the body can utilize to maintain itself, as well as byproducts of metabolism such as homocysteine and free radicals.

Perfect digestion occurs when a perfect food (mother’s milk, for instance) is digested by a stomach and bowel that is working properly (a baby, for instance). Later on in life, especially after antibiotics change the natural flora composition in the bowel, foods don't get perfectly digested and assimilated and can become toxins instead. In this regard, the bowels can be either a fabulously good chemical factory or a terribly harmful chemical factory. We must maintain them in a good state.

Also, our bodies have a finite capacity to produce enzymes that break food down into useable components. If our enzyme production has diminished (through eating cooked and processed foods), then less enzymes are able to be provided during digestion, and so more food is left incompletely broken down and in a toxic state.

When incomplete digestion is combined with leaky gut (caused by microorganisms damaging the intestinal lining) toxins are able to more freely enter the bloodstream and pollute or toxify the body.

A solution to not polluting the body in the ways described above is utilizing enzymes with meals of cooked foods and periodically cleaning up one’s digestive tract and bowels with the Eight Day Cleanse.

Also, most people have too much Homocysteine (toxic amino acid) in their bodies, which is a byproduct of protein metabolism. Homocysteine is very damaging to endothelial cells, resulting in hardened arteries over time.

Supplementing with Methylate Detox will help lower homocysteine levels (which will help avoid endothelial cell damage). Methylate Detox will also increase cellular production levels of Glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant), which is, also, a Thiol and potent detoxifier of the body and brain. Methylate Detox also improves levels of SAm-E, by converting homocysteine into methionine which converts to SAm-E. SAm-E is a wonderful mood enhancer with none of the side effects of SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors).

Dr. Kellas says:

Unquestionably, the answer is minerals.

If a person can afford to spend only a little money beyond his/her basic groceries, that money should be spent on minerals. I recommend Kona Minerals above all other mineral sources that I know about for two reasons: first, Kona Minerals are very assimilable, getting completely assimilated into the blood stream in less than two hours, and second, they are free of toxic, heavy metals and man-made pollution. This was the first product that we brought to market, for the reason that it provides the most important facet of nutrition — minerals.

Dr. Kellas says:

The key concepts for nutrition are variety and nutrient dense. No single food contains all the nutrients needed. We ought to focus on minerals, nutrient dense foods, essential oils, fiber, antioxidants and probiotics, in that order: But, we can’t forget the two most important nutrients of all, air and water. Most people don’t get enough of any of these.

  • Minerals - since food is often deficient, we need to supplement. There is no other way unless one lives in areas that have not been over farmed, which means away from civilization.
  • Nutrient dense foods - in our thought process, we need to think the question, “are the calories in this food worth the damage that the calories will do to my health?”. Burning calories always makes free radicals. Our foods need to come with a lot of nutrient tools such as vitamins, proteins, phytonutrients antioxidants and essential oils, or we can be sure that food is causing more damage to health than giving nourishment.
  • Essential fatty acids - fish oil, borage oil, flax seed oil - these oils are extremely important as they are essential to formation and maintenance of cellular membranes.
  • Antioxidants - protect us from free radicals that cause disease and aging. We’ve got to eat many times more antioxidants than most people eat if we are going to neutralize the free radicals that constantly attack our cells.
  • Vegetables - source of numerous proteins and phytonutrients - the key is variety.
  • Non-gluten forming grains - also, are a source of numerous nutrients.
  • Fiber - slows down sugar digestion and absorbs free radicals, thus protecting us from diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Probiotics - since we don’t eat from our gardens anymore and since we don’t eat many fermented foods anymore, we need to add into our diets the good bacteria that are so helpful to our intestinal system.

Plug for Seven Essentials and RiSoTriene which Dr. Kellas brought to market.

Because most people don’t get the variety of nutrient dense food that they should, Seven Essentials is highly recommended. It provides the equivalent antioxidant protection of of 42 servings of vegetables in each serving of Seven Essentials. It provides minerals, RiSoTriene (a perfect grain food, being the stabilized, soluble nutrient dense outer-layer of rice) essential fatty acids, proteins, probiotics, fiber and is a great source of the nutrients that most of us miss in our daily diets.

Dr. Kellas says:

The reason is that I live in a real world. Eating primarily raw food is a great theoretical idea, and for those unusual people who can do it, that’s terrific. For most people, however, eating primarily raw food is not in the realm of possibility, mostly because we lack the time and resources to get all of our nutrition from raw food sources. But, because we still need raw nutrients, that’s where Seven Essentials comes in. In Seven Essentials, we get the raw nutrients our body needs in a concentrated format that we can fit into our busy lives.

It is imperative to note that when we eat cooked and processed foods, we do not get the enzymes needed to digest our food completely. Partially digested food molecules are seen as allergens and toxins by our body and create numerous health problems down the road. Therefore, we need to supplement our meals with enzymes to ensure complete digestion of foods.

For this reason, we have created an enzyme product that works in all pH ranges and that is well balanced for all types of meals. I would say that creating our enzyme product is probably the most difficult task we have ever done. Only God does biochemistry right, the rest of us just guess at it. We have “guessed”, evaluated and worked on this enzyme product for many, many years. It contains 17 enzymes, liver boosting foods and good bacteria, to help digest our food perfectly and helps us stay clean inside. It also contains botanicals to kill bacteria and fungus in the gut and botanicals that stimulate production of gastric juices. We have named this product Cleansing Enzymes because it keeps the body clean from a buildup of partially digested foods particles that become allergens and toxins.


Blogging, a contraction of ‘web logging’ (presenting to the whole world) of the thoughts and experiences of others on a particular topic. Blogs allows us to gain an armchair understanding of others’ experiences. Learning from others is the very best way to learn because:

  1. We can avoid negative consequences - that is, we don’t have to experience the negative (and often painful) experiences of others, but can learn from them what not to do.
  2. We can learn about positive consequences - we can learn from the good experiences of others and maybe even improve on their experiences, by fine-tuning several good experiences.

Wisdom is the ability to make good choices. And, ironically, wisdom comes from making bad choices. That is another way of saying we learn by the things we suffer. Thus, for those who don’t want to suffer from bad choices, the best learning is other people’s learning.

  • How lousy it would be if we could not share knowledge. What if no one shared which plants were poisonous and which ones were good to eat, or which foods increased oxygen content in the body, hastened cellular repair, etc.
  • Wise people don’t learn exclusively from their own experience. As much as possible, they learn from others’ experiences. Loving people share what they have learned. The bottom line is that our blogs will make you wiser and save you from having to learn by your own experience only.

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