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The key to health is eliminating toxicities and deficiencies! - Dr. William R. Kellas

Boost Your Immune System

Learn How to Boost Your Immune System Functioning - So It Will Keep You Well!


The role of microbes (viruses, fungus, bacteria, mycoplasmas) is to "decompose" our bodies, IE,  turn our body into fertilizer.

  • Microbes don't even have the courtesy to wait until we're dead. They try to decompose us while we're yet alive. Viruses utilize their spike proteins to enter and then explode our cells while bacteria and fungi eat our cells from the outside and spew toxic wastes into our bodies.
  • The role of the immune system is to oppose those microbes and kill them as fast as they appear. It's smart to help your immune system by giving your immune system the nutrient tools it needs to function optimally.

Immune System Overview

  1. The immune system is made up of tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body against pathogens that are busily trying to decompose a person. Some of these tissues and organs are designed for defense and some for offense.
  2. Additionally, each cell of every tissue in the body, tries to have a strong cell membrane (like a castle wall) in order to keep pathogens (and especially spike proteins) from penetrating and entering the cell to start to decompose it. Specific nutrients, especially parent Omega Oils (not fish oil), are key to strengthening cell membranes.
  3. All sub systems of the immune system system rely on minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Without adequate amounts of these, the capabilities of the immune system will be much less than it could otherwise be.
  4. Your goal should be to keep your immune systems and cell membranes powefully strong, so that they are able to protect you by resisting pathogens from entering cells and also able to immediately recognize and do battle with any invading pathogens (harmful microbes).
  5. You want your immune systems to be like vigilant, experienced, watchful gardeners with all the best tools for recognizing and pulling weeds (IE, destroying pathogens) as soon as they appear, not allowing them to multiply.

Key Nutrients for Immune Function

These Increase Immune System Strength

Zinc is one of the key nutrients for maintaining good immune function (however, never supplement with just zinc, it has to be balanced with other minerals), especially copper. Zinc has the following actions in regard to immunity. Click to learn more about each:

Zinc helps create barriers to viruses entering cells by "fighting" (neutralizing) free radicals that could otherwise damage cell membranes.

Zinc increases the intracellular concentration of zinc-ionophores, which helps prevent viruses from replicating.

Zinc increases the amount of interferon in leukocytes, which helps heighten immune defenses in order to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

Zinc is crucial (IE, zinc deficiency is a rate limiter) for the manufacture of neutrophils and natural killer cells.

Zinc is 250 percent more capable of reducing the duration of infections.

Zinc is essential for antibody production (antibodies identify and help the immune system target pathogens).

Our best zinc providing products include Oyster Max and AID.

Vitamin C powers up immune function in numerous ways as follows:

Vitamin C helps encourage the production of white blood cells known as lymphocytes and phagocytes, which help protect the body against infection.

Like other immune cells, natural killer cells’ function declines with aging. Detailed scientific studies show that natural killer cell function improves in the presence of adequate vitamin C, and declines without it.

Diabetes, like aging, impairs the production of lymphocytes and the functioning of T-lymphocytes. However, supplementing diabetic rats with vitamin C pushed lymphocyte production from 57% of that of controls to virtually 100% of control values, essentially creating “non-diabetic” immune cells within a living diabetic body.

Improved function of neutrophils (killer white blood cell) in the presence of adequate vitamin C is so evident that clinicians have begun to use vitamin C at 1,000 mg per day doses for people with chronic granulomatous disease, a disorder in which neutrophils lack proper killing ability once they have ingested bacteria.

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology showed that when human volunteers took an oral dose of 1,000 mg or more of vitamin C, neutrophils performed more vigorously than those of unsupplemented subjects.

Neutrophils (one of the types of white blood cells) are the main immune system cell for fighting bacterial infections. Neutrophils engulf invading organisms, then destroy them with powerful blasts of short-lived oxygen free radicals. Vitamin C supports many aspects of neutrophil function, including aiding in their ability to track and chase down bacterial targets and improving their ability to engulf and kill such targets.

Lymphocytes are immune system cells that produce antibodies (called B-lymphocytes) and coordinate with other immune cells to guide them towards threats needing destruction.. When they detect such an incipient threat, lymphocytes rapidly reproduce in a proliferative response that is enhanced in the presence of vitamin C. In older adults, that proliferation is impaired, but vitamin C treatment restores them to youthful levels of function. Similar enhancements of lymphocyte proliferation have been demonstrated by supplementing aging laboratory animals with vitamin C, which also boosts lymphocytes’ ability to track down threats.

Vitamin C equips lymphocytes and phagocytes to withstand the free radical bursts that they must use to kill invading pathogens. Without the protection of Vitamin C, they would be destroyed by the act of killing an invader.

White blood cells would destroy themselves in short order without ample vitamin C, which scavenges up the dangerous oxidizing molecules once they have done their work to destroy the bacterial cell.

Vitamin C helps natural killer cells track and destroy tumor cells as well by reducing the shielding effect of platelets (blood clotting cell fragments) that would prevent NK cells from destroying them. This effect may help to prevent cancers from producing deadly metastases.

Antibodies are noncellular components of the immune system that help identify and destroy invading threats and cancerous cells. Vitamin C benefits this portion of the immune system by raising levels of three main classes of antibody immunoglobulins: IgA — which protects against infections mainly on mucosal surfaces, such as the respiratory and digestive tracts, IgG — which provides long-term protection in the bloodstream, and IgM — which is the earliest immunoglobulin to appear in blood in response to threats. Blood levels of antibodies and other protective molecules rose significantly when volunteers took 1,000 mg doses of vitamin C daily for 75 days, demonstrating the effect in humans.

We recommend two Vitamin C products:

  • Buffered Vitamin C - so that you can take loads of Vitamin C without causing stomach upset.
  • Cardio Pro - this Vitamin C Plus product does three things: first it provides numerous mineral ascorbates (Vitamin C); second it boosts collagen production; third it helps remodel cardiovascular tissue. It's awesome.

Vitamin D3 Boosts Immune Function in Several Ways

Immune cells (B cells, T cells and antigen presenting cells) have Vitamin D3 receptors and respond to its presence to boost their functioning. Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmune challenges as well as an increased susceptibility to infection.

Depression disables all aspects of human functioning, including the immune system. Vitamin D3 has been shown conclusively to help ward off depression.

Right after Zinc and Vitamin C, Glutathione is Next in Importance for Having a Powerful Immune System.

The immune system requires glutathione in order for white blood cells to be created and to function properly. In order for the immune system to respond to invaders quickly, there must be ample supplies of glutathione.

Glutathione helps regulate immunity at the innate level and especially protects lung tissue.

COVID-19: can glutathione (GSH) help to reduce severe symptoms?

Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients

Our best Glutathione product is Original Glutathione Formula

Copper has to be balanced with zinc or there will be unwanted side-effects from an imbalance... so, don't supplement with just copper, do zinc too.

Without adequate levels of copper, immune response is reduced.

The body needs copper for many white blood cells to function properly.

Our best copper providing products include Oyster Max and AID.

Selenium is one of those essential micro-nutrients that is only noticed when its levels go down. Supplementing a person with selenium who already has adequate levels, doesn't improve immune function, but supplementing selenium in individuals with low levels, significantly boost immune function.

This effect is so profound, that immune function cannot be normal in persons without adequate amounts of selenium.

Colostrum is the first secretion from the mammary glands after giving birth and is rich in proteins, fats and antibodies.

This breast fluid is produced by humans, cows, and other mammals before breast milk is released. Colostrum promotes growth and health in infants and newborn animals. Additionally, the antibodies promote immunity, help fight infections, and improve gut health throughout the life of the offspring. Even for adults, supplementing with colostrum (such as in a freeze dried powder) quickly adds something called passive immunity, IE, the ability to respond quickly to an invader that has already been dealt with by the colostrum provider. It's a great idea.

PEOs (Parent Essential Oils or Parent Omega Oils)

  • These are "active" parent omega oils, while most people eat adulterated, or inactive omega oils. Studies show that active omega oils are able to to deactivate many viruses.
  • Peos increase oxygen availability within cells which also boosts immune function.
  • Finally, studies show that PEOs may help prevent cytokine storms that do so much damage in acute infections and situations of autoimmune disorders.

Alkylglycerols are a potent immune system booster.

Alkylglycerols, which are extracted from shark liver oil., significantly boost red and white blood cell production and activity as well as boost the production of antibodies that target pathogens.

Key Organ(elle)s for Immune Function

How the immune system works

Antibodies are Specialized Immune System Proteins That Act As Scouts to Help Find and Target Pathogens

One of the most important parts of warfare of any type is identifying where the enemy is mounting an attack and then striking them powerfully there. That makes antibodies a hugely important part of the immune system. These targeting molecules are made in the intestines and in white blood cells called B-Lymphocytes (which are made in bone marrow, lymph nodes and spleen). They are specific to each pathogen. Their purpose is to find and "stick" to viruses and other pathogens. By sticking to them they either prevent them from entering into human cells (by locking up the viral components that can break open a cell membrane, or by being a target on those viruses (a homing device) for other white blood cells to come, engulf and destroy them (see white blood cells below).

Antibodies often remain in the body throughout one life... so that once a pathogen is identified earlier in one's life, it is very easy to generate large quantities of antibodies in case of a later infection. This is the concept behind immunizations that allow one's immune system to understand how to fight a future infection from a specific pathogen.

Our best product for helping the body to manufacture more antibodies is AKG 200. It revs up production by many times over normal making it perfect anytime one is around someone else who make be carrying a pathogen.

White Blood Cells

White blood cells are infantry soldiers. They go out to meet pathogens and either prevent them from entering human cells or they engulf them and destroy them via free-radical bursts. There are several types as shown below. White blood cells are stored in several types of tissue throughout the body from which they can be launched quickly. The storage sites include: thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, small intestines and adenoids. Additionally, white blood cells are always circulating in the bloodstream, looking for pathogens that should be attacked. They are your first line of defense/offense.

white blood cells

The stomach and gut is designed to protect the rest of the body from pathogens in food or water. First, it secretes gastric juices that can dissolve not only food, but pathogens as well. And because there may not be enough gastric juices to kill all those pathogens, the gut is a large secreter of antibodies (that will target pathogens that get into the blood stream). This targeting brings white blood cells into attack mode in the blood stream.

Peyer’s patches are found in the small intestines and tonsils. They are small masses of lymphatic tissue found throughout the ileum region of the small intestine. Also known as aggregated lymphoid nodules, they form an important part of the immune system by monitoring intestinal bacteria populations and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines by organizing B cell (anti-body) responses.

Lymph Nodes Store White Blood Cells

Lymph nodes help in filtering toxic wastes via via connecting lymphatic vessels and also they helping by creating and storing white blood cells, both the ones that kill pathogens and the ones that produce targeting antibodies. You can think of them mainly as small production centers and warehouses (distributed throughout the body) that make sure that white blood cells are close to where they may be needed in the future, so that white blood cells can quickly attack and defend the body against intruding pathogens. The tonsils and adenoids can be thought of as "larger lymph nodes".

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue inside bones that produces blood cells

Bone marrow produces red blood cells, platelets, and immature white blood cells. These Lymphocyte precursors (T Cells) are produced in the marrow, and grow to maturity in the Thymus and play a hugely important part in the body's immune system.

The types of nutrition that are recommended for increasing bone marrow health include: oysters, AID supplement, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Alkylglycerols.

bone marrow long bone

The spleen carries out three important functions as follows:

  1. Filters out of the blood stream damaged or destroyed pathogens.
  2. Removes abnormal blood cells.
  3. Creates antibodies and molecules that help target pathogens.

The thymus is a primary lymphoid organ of the immune system.

The thymus's main job is to nurture and help create differentiation in T-lymphocytes – the white blood cells that attack and kill viruses and bacteria. Immature T-cells (pre-cursors) are made in bone marrow and migrate to the thymus gland where they are then programmed into mature T-cells in order to carry out immune responses to attack and destroy invading viruses and cancer cells.

The thymus contains numerous lobules and follicles, within which lymphocytes or white blood cells (T Cells) grow to maturity (after the precursor cells are made in bone marrow). T cells are like infantry soldiers who search out and destroy invaders. They are critical to the adaptive immune system, as the body adapts T cells specifically to each type of foreign invader.

After the age of 40, the Thymus begins to deteriorate and fill with fat, which is why older people are more susceptible to cancer and infectious diseases. To keep the Thymus in good working order, it is very important to maintain high quality nutrition and to consume specifically Vitamin C, Alkylglycerols, Fibroblast growth factors, Arginine and parent Omega Oils. Consuming these helps keep the Thymus young and able to function effectively.Thymus Gland

Mucosa Associated Lymphatic Tissue

Mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue, is a diffuse system of small concentrations of lymphoid tissue found in various submucosal membrane sites of the body, such as the gastrointestinal tract, nasopharynx, thyroid, breast, lung, salivary glands, eye, and skin. MALT is populated by lymphocytes such as T cells and B cells, as well as plasma cells and macrophages, each of which is well situated to encounter antigens passing through the mucosal epithelium. In the case of intestinal MALT, M cells are also present, which sample antigen from the lumen and deliver it to the lymphoid tissue. MALT constitute about 50% of the lymphoid tissue in human body.

The components of MALT are sometimes subdivided into the following:

  • GALT (gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Peyer's patches are a component of GALT found in the lining of the small intestines.)
  • BALT (bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue)
  • NALT (nasal-associated lymphoid tissue)
  • CALT (conjunctival-associated lymphoid tissue)
  • LALT (larynx-associated lymphoid tissue)
  • SALT (skin-associated lymphoid tissue)
  • VALT (vulvo-vaginal-associated lymphoid tissue)
  • TALT (testis-associated lymphoid tissue)

Such lymphoid tissue could be categorized as early warning and response systems, situated where foreign invaders are likely to enter the body.

The Basic Immune Boost Supplements

The below supplements are the simplest and most foundational ways to boost your immune health. We recommend them year round (and most especially during the peak pathogen proliferation months shown in the graph below):

  1. Silver Biotics or Bion Plus - these silver products work along side your immune system, weakening and disrupting pathogens on contact so that they are more likely to die without replicating inside you, so that your immune system has much less to do.

    They belong in everyone's medicine cabinet. Available in liquid, gels, lotions and lozenges. If you ever have a sore throat, it could be gone in five minutes with Silver Biotics or BION Plus.

    Liquid Silver Biotics or BION Plus are wonderful for helping the lungs when nebulized.

  2. Vitamin D3 - maintaining high levels of serum Vitamin D is recommended by many wellness experts as being important in the boosting antibody production. It is important to note that COVID-19 deaths are twice as high for dark skinned people in America as for lighter skinned... presumably because sunshine is less able to get through darker skin to stimulate production of Vitamin D3, making supplementation more important for those with darker skin pigmentation.
  3. Advanced Immune Defense (AID) - provides 26 nutrients that the immune system needs to function optimally including (Vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, biotin, folate, Korean ginseng, betaine, pantothenic acid, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and much more). This is a comprehensive, balanced, low cost immune supplement that was created by Dr. Robert H. Keller.
  4. Original Glutathione Formula (OGF) - boosts Glutathione better than any other supplement, giving as much as 400% increase of this vital thiol/antioxidant/immune boosting molecule. White blood cells (killer cells) are not created in the absence of Glutathione. So, low levels of this molecule limit production of immune killer cells. Created by Dr. Robert H. Keller.
  5. Body Biotics - helps ensure that pathogens cannot live in the gut and that the gut is in good condition to produce antibodies. The gut is responsible for a very large portion of the production of antibodies. If the intestines aren't in good shape, then your production of antibodies will be less than it could be.

Advanced Immune Boosting

For those who want to go beyond the foundational five supplements and especially for severely immune-compromised people and others who want to have the strongest immune systems possible, here are some additional suggestions:

  1. Alkylglycerols - they will rev up production of antibodies and white blood cells better than anything else. Sharks never get sick, nor get tumors or infections, and with this supplement you will have the most powerful immune boosting there is.
  2. Oyster Max - Oysters live in an open-to-the-sea environment, meaning that they have to deal with more immune threats on a daily basis than a human does in a lifetime. Therefore, oysters have developed super powerful immune systems. With these capsules you can incorporate the nutrients they have concentrated into their tissues to help your immune system be powerful, also.
  3. MAL-X - this is a proprietary distillation of Australian tea tree oil (the distillation technique avoids toxic monoterpene molecules). It also includes wormwood extract (traditionally used with malaria). It has been shown to be able to overpower the nastiest pathogens on earth.
  4. Parent Omega Oils (PEOs) - these are the building blocks of cell membranes and are required for cells to have strong protection against the outside world. We highly recommend them year round as a daily supplement.
  5. Fibroblast Growth Factors - aging and chronic degeneration of the human body reduce immune function which is why incidence of cancer and succumbing to infections of all types increase as a person ages. One of the best way to counter this natural decline is with fibroblast growth factors that increase stem cell regeneration of immune organs and tissues, as well as other tissues in the body.
  6. Miror EPF - is a cellular detergent that cleans pathogen debris ouf of cells, lymph and blood. It also removes biofilmas that protect many pathogens so that the immune system can recognize and destroy those pathogegns. It some regards, it is the strongest weapon in our arsenal.
  7. Ultra Mito Restore - lastly, this brand new and amazing mitochondrial rejuvenation product contains the latest generation ingredients for boosting overall mitochondrial energy output which improves the capabilities of the immune system in its work of identifying pathogens and making antibodies and white blood cells to go out and attack them.

With the above supplements in your life, your immune system will be able to operate more effectively.

Graph of flu cases by week.

Note: greatest number of cases are January through May and again in late August/September. This means that you should be conscientiously consuming nutrients that boost the immune system for a month before those peaks start.

How Important is the Immune System?

Answer: Without an immune system, you wouldn't live very long and you would die in a very nasty way. You would be decomposed while still alive. Here are the prospects of what your life would be like if your immune system shut down completely for a time:

  • From 0 to 24 Hours: No real effects except itching and rashes.
  • 24 - 48 hours: Weeping sores, discoloration and loss of sensation in limbs and other areas. Some loss of functionality would remain if the immune system turned back on at this point.
  • 48 - 72 hours: Severe pain and gangrene. Even if the immune system started functioning again at this point, there are strong chances of amputation being required, scarring and permanent loss of some functionality.
  • 72 - 96 hours: Almost certain amputation necessary, possible death by septic shock even if immune system turned back on at this point.
  • While in the above time frame several nasty kinds of cancer are guaranteed to have sprung up, they won't be what kills you.

Remember, the goal of microbes is to turn your body into fertilizer. That's what microbes do... they decompose things (the cycle of life and all that). We just prefer they do it after we have died (but, being opportunistic, they don't want to wait).

What Is Your Immune System?

It's your best friend: Your immune system looks out for you. It works to root out germs and other invaders that have gotten inside you and begin to try to decompose your cells. For example, if you inhale a cold virus through your nose, your immune system targets that virus and either stops it from penetrating a cell or revs up immune forces to come in and destroy that virus once it re-exits the cell. It takes time to mount counter-attacks, and especially so, for pathogens that are new. Sometimes you need lots or rest and remedies to help, but always you need to give your immune system the nutrient tools it needs. The immune system is essential to life, health and well-being.

It has numerous organs, tissues and cells. including:

  • Your tonsils
  • Your digestive system
  • Your bone marrow
  • Your skin
  • Your lymph nodes
  • Your spleen
  • Thin skin on the inside of your nose, throat, and genitals (mucosal immune system, these cells are like early warning outposts to detect infections since many invading microorganisms start entering the body at these locations)

Your immune system learns from your past.

  • You get a lot of immunity or protection from your mother's breast milk with contains antibodies and aklyglycerols. That's why being breast fed is so important. You're getting the advantage of your mother's immune system experience.
  • Think of a baby or young child, who didn't get to nurse from its mother and who comes down with colds, earaches, or other everyday illnesses often.
  • Then think of babies who are breast feed and get antibodies from their mother while they are making their own antibodies as well. Our immune systems create a "library" of antibodies as they are exposed to illnesses for the first time, that they can refer back to in the future, enabling them to fight off similar future invaders more easily.
  • That's why consuming colostrum or transfer factor products are helpful, too. They give you the antibodies that the cow had to numerous pathogens, without you having to get sick in order to make them.
  • Vaccines work in much the same way. They introduce your immune system to a tiny amount of a virus (usually a killed or weakened one). Your body makes antibodies in response. That's the logic behind vaccines for measles, whooping cough, flu, or meningitis. Then, when you come in contact with that virus in your everyday life, your immune system is already primed to kick in so that you don’t get sick.

How to Have an Effective Immune System?

The most important considerations for having an effective immune system are being supplied with immmune-system-important minerals, maintaining high amounts of Vitamin D, and the toxin scavenging nutrients, Vitamin C and Glutathione. Right after those two things, an efficient immune system requires being as toxin free as possible.

Here's a quick review:
  • The immune system has to target, attack, recover, then target, attack, recover... over and over again. It requires minerals, fatty acids, Vitamins (especially C and D), Glutathione, etc. , to do this. If you're low in any of those, your immune system cannot function optimally. It's that simple. So, mind these basics, and maintain a well prepared (well-nutrient-fortified) body.
  • Making sure that the immune system has the energy to respond, mostly comes by ensuring redox efficiency, meaning ensuring the ample presence of oxygen and hydrogen. This comes about by ensuring the consumption of undamaged Parent Omega Oils in raw seeds, nuts, grasses or supplements.
  • Finally, keeping the body detoxified is important, so that there are less targets for the immune system to be worrying about, and it can quickly identify invaders that need all-out attacking.

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